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Although woodworking is both a vocational skill and an art, no innate talent is necessary to become a skilled and successful woodworker – just patience and perseverance!  On their first day at KMI, our youth learn general shop safety (goggles, dust mask, ear protection, proper clothing, etc.).  For each tool, we review purpose, safety and proper operation.  It is very important that each student understand why they should respect the environment in which we work before the real learning can begin.  Our full-fledged shop includes all of the hand tools, machines and dust collection/filtration systems that one might find in a professional shop.


With our dedicated staff and volunteers on hand to mentor each student, these tools allow KMI youth to design and build the projects they can imagine.

The Woodworking Shop


The Art Room

Traditional finishing and related art skills are taught by staff and volunteers.


The Gift Shop

Through our youth entrepreneurship model, our students have the opportunity to sell the items they make in our retail shop and at area festivals. Typical items include handcrafted pens, cutting boards and chopping blocks, bottle stoppers, salt and pepper grinders, storage boxes, stools, laser-engraved items, custom signs, and fun one-of-a-kind items. 

On every sale our kids make, they earn 100% of the profits!

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